There is much entertainment in the world.

I entertain myself with keeping up-to-date on technology, social media, and political news. Sometimes I entertain myself by meandering around Wikipedia and learning things. With Google at my fingertips, a world of distraction’s always a click away. Other times I will entertain myself with YouTube or normal television and movies.

But when I think about the things in life that I really consider important, I am led to wonder why I fill my time with the above. These things I entertain myself with are nowhere to be found in the thought.

And yet they are exciting, riveting, and dare I say–satisfying. But only for a moment.

“This is an outrage!” I think as I note that I am dominating my mind, time, and money with things that even by my own admission don’t matter. “You must stop doing these things that do not matter in the long run!”

Stop following politics? Stop following technology? Stop following social media? Stop watching tv?

I wish I had the strength.

If I did abandon these things, I would feel weak. I have taken pride in my knowledge of computers, politics, and popular culture.

And therein lies the source. Therein lies the enemy.

Is it that my pride in what I think I know and should know is keeping me from being successful in things that I find more important?

Let’s say I fall out of knowledge concerning politics, television, and technology. Am I missing much?

No–not much.


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