Amongst the denominations of Christianity there is no small amount of doctrinal elitism. Certain groups will elevate themselves above other Christians based upon their so-called lofty understanding of the Bible. But these are more influenced by tradition than they are by the Bible they claim to follow above all else.

  • “I don’t see people getting healed. That’s not for today.”
  • “I don’t see apostles. They’re not for today.”
  • “I don’t see prophets. They’re not for today.”
  • “I don’t hear God. He must not speak anymore.”
  • “I know Paul taught there shouldn’t be divisions, but I’m a [insert denomination here]. That must be okay now.”
  • “I don’t know anyone who speaks in tongues, and the people that do are crazy. That’s not for today.”

There is no Biblical basis for the assertions made above. They are the product of people who haven’t experienced God thinking they’re doing God a favor by devising pseudo-Biblical explanations for arm-length relationship with their Creator. (In their defense: that is probably the way they were raised.)

Even further–these people will completely ignore passages of the Bible for no legitimate scholarly or spiritual reason (see head coverings).

Don’t reverse engineer your faith based upon what you can see or what someone told you. Read your Bible. And more than reading it–be prepared to believe what God has conveyed in it above what your church or friends have told you.


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